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<DIV></DIV> - Dividing and Grouping Content

This tag is used to divide and section block-level content (such as tables, paragraphs, and lists). Styles and alignment can be applied to the section using the align attribute and style sheets. The tag may also act as a container for inline content (text, links, and formatting elements), similar to the way <P> works.

This tag must be closed at the end of the grouped content by typing </DIV>.

Attributes for <DIV>

  %coreattrs %i18n %events

Presentational Attributes

D align= [CI]
  • "left"
Specifies left alignment.
  • "center"
Specifies centered content.
  • "right"
Specifies right alignment.
  • "justify"
Justifies content. If unsupported, it reverts to the default
This attribute controls content/text alignment. The default value is inherited; otherwise, it is left for left-to-right designated sections and right for right-to-left ones.


Section A

Discussion of topic "A"

Section B

Discussion of topic "B"

Subsection B.1

Discussion of topic "B.1"

Here is the code for the sample above:

<DIV align=center>
  <H3>Section A</H3>
  <P>Discussion of topic "A"</P>

<DIV align=right>
  <H3>Section B</H3>
  <P>Discussion of topic "B"</P>
    <H4>Subsection B.1</H4>
    <P>Discussion of topic "B.1"</P>

Notice that the <DIV> designating subsection B.1 does not have its align attribute set. It reverts to the default, which is inherited. Since it is a descendant (within) the <DIV> designating Section B, it inherits right alignment.