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<UL></OL> - Unordered Lists

Unordered Lists are lists that do not have any form of numbering. You must enter <LI> before each list item.

This tag must be closed by typing </UL> at the end of the list.

Attributes for <UL>

  %coreattrs %i18n %events

D type= [CI]
  • "disk"
Specifies a filled circle bullet.
  • "square"
Specifies a square bullet.
  • "circle"
Specifies an open circle bullet.
The type attribute controls the type of bullet that precedes an unordered list item.

Here is an example of an unordered list:

Here is the code for the example above:

<LI>This is the first item.
  <LI>First sub-item
  <LI>Second sub-item
<LI type="square">This item's bullet has been changed to a square.
<LI>This is the third item.
<LI type="circle">This item's bullet has been changed to an open circle.
<LI type="disk">This item's bullet has been changed to a filled circle.