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<META> - Meta Data

This tag provides meta data about the document. It must appear in the document head. <META> can be used to give the equivalent of HTTP headers, but it is most often used for search purposes, such as specifying search keywords and providing a description of the page.

It is forbidden to close this tag. </META> is illegal HTML.

Since I'm not familiar with this tag (I know, I know, this is supposed to be a reference), I'm referring you to the HTML specification: HTML 4.0-The <META> Element

HTML 4.0 Specification §

Attributes for <META>


Basic Structural Attributes

  name= usually interpreted [CI]
  • "__"
    [meta property name]
Specifies the meta property name.
This attribute names the meta property.

  http-equiv= [CI]
  • "__"
    [HTTP header property]
Specifies the property.
This attribute creates an HTTP header property. It may not be used in conjuction with the name attribute.

  content= [CI]
  • "__"
    [meta/HTTP property value]
Specifies the value.
This attribute gives a value for either the meta property or the HTTP header property (depending on which attribute you use).

  scheme= technically [CS]
Gives the scheme.
This attribute provides extra information to help interpret the content value.

Here are some samples of the <META> tag:

<META name="keywords"
        content="MKR, Rayearth, Magic Knight, CLAMP, Cephiro">

<META name="description" content="A nonexistant page about MKR">
<META name="author" content="somebody">