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HTML Checklist

This is a checklist for HTML documents. It's based on a page at Riyana's website, so you might want to go her HTML Tips page.
You can put this list in a pop-up window.


  • Look at your page before putting it up.
  • Check all your links.
  • Check all your scripts. (Preferably with Netscape--it gives detailed error messages as to what's wrong.)


Make sure that...

  • Your text is readable. (text and background do not clash)
  • You have put in the height=, width=, and alt= attributes for any images.
  • You have checked your spelling and grammar.
  • Your page does not take forever to load on a regular modem connection. Tip: Don't use lots of Java Appelets.
  • You have avoided using <BLINK> as much as possible.
  • Viewers can turn off sound.


If something is wrong, check to see that you...

  • Have spelled all tags correctly.
  • Have closed tags that need closing, but not those that don't.
  • Have closed any quotes (").
  • Have put > at the end of your tags.
  • Have put / in all your closing tags.
  • Have nested tags correctly.
  • Have not mixed up your table tags.

Some of these may sound silly, but check just the same. I forgot to close a quote once, and an entire section of my page disapperared!