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Listed alphabetically by author
PetitPois Akane Araragi A homepage with some of the most adorable art anywhere. No, it's not in French. ^^;;
Black Wing Ari (Arianhrod) A very lovely anime-styled fanart site. ^-^ Formerly Little Artbox
Catnip Time Cat Dreamer A sit of fanfics, fanarts, and originals. The greeting for first-time visitors is fantastic! But set aside some time--it's a lot of text. ^o^
Larke's Cookies Larke Sora Larke's homepage! Contains her gorgeous sketches and a handful of doujinshi. =P
Lazy Dahlia Minmei Homepage of another talented fanartist (who is not so lazy as I; at least she uptdates regularly >_<). Formerly Studio Janai
Ivory Dice Rei A site of beautifully drawn and colored fanart. Formerly C.R.A.P.
Silver Mikazuki Riyana A very well done anime site. Puts many of shojo sites to shame. >:P Formerly Sailor Moon Tower
Purple Pudding Productions v.3 Ryuuen Homepage of yet another online fanartist!
The Chronicles of Raderie Snitz A page of dialogue-fiction. Linked me awhile back--he's probably responsible for my all time record of 4 hits in one day...
Links pages are so very difficult to make... I think I probably forgot a bunch. Oh, well. Put 'em up later. >P
Have fun browsing around!