Site History *yawn*

Today's topic: The French Revolution... *blink* Sorry, I'm just so sleepy. Two hours of sleep is unhealthy. Especially when you're on vacation. ~_~
Site history. *focus* There! Ok. This site began in March of 1998. I was learning HTML from a manual my mom got (but never really used) because I was bored. I started typing a letter to my friend, and I'd decided to write it in HTML. I wrote up a description of what I was learning and made links to various tag descriptions. After a while, I decided that this wouldn't do for a letter and saved those files to a disk. I finished the letter and sent it (without the tag descriptions) and decided to continue making a reference site. I had the idea of putting it online, but I wasn't really sure I'd do that. I finished up to Images offline when Riyana asked me to put it online--it was easier to use when it was online. So I got myself a Tripod account (giving myself a new alias, fantasai) and uploaded the files. It had the most horrible layout you could think of (in my opinion) with background graphics created by yours truly in MS Paint. The background images weren't half bad, either. They're here, if you wanna see. Summer of 1999, I finished off formatting and decided to revamp the whole thing to make it look decent. Whether it helped or whether I failed in my efforts is unknown to me. I chose a music theme. *eyes droop even more* No. I cannot take a nap! I've got to stay awake... You're falling asleep, too? Boring, isn't it? Why don't you go to my Links page and find somewhere interesting to go? You could also go back.

Ugh. I forgot to close the H1 tag...