I want to thank Riyana for scouting out all the cool stuff on the 'Web for webmasters and showing me how to run a website. I also want to thank her for teaching me how to use WS_ftp, for letting me copy Javascript code from her page, for showing me what a forum is, for teaching me how to use a CGI script, and countless things I've forgotten. Most of all, I want to thank her for being my inspiration and my source of motivation. Seeing all the hard work she puts into her website pushed me to work on my own. She's the one that urged me to get an account and put up what files I had already written the winter of '99. (She told me they were easier to use online than off a disk. ^^)

I also want to thank Larke for her help with images, though nothing of hers is currently up.

I also have to thank Laura Lemay for writing the book that got me started on all this. ^-^ Her book also provided the escape code charts, which I modified and reorganized for this site. (And retyped... +_+)


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for obvious reasons.

The Mozilla organization, especially the NGLayout team, for creating the Gecko layout engine, which has helped me so much in understanding standards-compliant HTML and CSS.

And Tripod, of course, for hosting my website. _