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CSS3 Directions

A Sample Disaster

1. 2003-02-12

About This Style

This page's stylesheet was thrown together in an afternoon for the sole purpose of creating this demonstration, so please don't grade it for accessability or aesthetics. That said, here are the features of this stylesheet: (Didn't know there were any, did you?)

Here are some things that are not features of this stylesheet that would make the logical collapse even more devastating:

2. 2003-02-12

Buildings on Stilts

If you're going to build a house, you want to make sure there's a solid foundation under everything you build up. Thus building houses on avalanche-prone hillsides is generally not recommended.

Building logic likewise needs a strong foundation. If you're building on top of a set of assumptions and relying heavily on them throughout, breaking those assumptions will break most, if not all, of your logic. In this sense, a stylesheet is a sort of logical argument. If it's based on the assumption that text will flow vertically and relies heavily on that assumption in all of the box model rules, switching the text to a horizontal flow will break most, though not all, of the design.

End of filler text.