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Yup, I changed the layout. Now I've got a music theme!
Yes, I know music has nothing to do with HTML.
Then why did I do it? I felt like it. v_v;;

Welcome to my HTML reference page! ^________^ It's not an HTML tutorial, so if you're new to this language, you should check someplace else. This page has the dubious goal of paraphrasing the HTML specification into normal English. Or rather, parts of it. I haven't gotten very far yet and.. well, there are quite a few things I don't understand! So those get skipped. ^^;;

Overture is pretty much my version of the HTML dtd. It's short--there are no descriptions. It's mainly to refresh your memory if you forget something.

All tags and attributes are case-insensitive. All attribute values with spaces require double quotes (").

  • Purpose: A reference site for those who already know basic HTML.
  • Site History
  • A formal introduction for those of you interested... _


If you are in need of a printed HTML tutorial, try Laura Lemay's Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4.0 in a Week.