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This is the preliminary version of the new layout--it's like a draft. There are many errors in this draft.


February 22, 2000 (1:51pm EST) || 2000-02-22T13:51:00-5:00

Cleaned up code for all HTML entry files.

January 26, 2000 (9:47pm EST) || 2000-01-26T23:47:00-5:00

File dump--just uploading all changed files from my disk. Slight reorganization of main page and a bunch of other little things, but I forgot what they were. ^^;;

Oh, and guess what. I've reached 100 visitors!!!! Riyana has the honor of being visitor #100. Ought to do something special, I s'pose, but I haven't got the time this week. ~_~ I wonder where people come from. It's not as if I advertise...

January 8, 2000 (6:18pm EST) || 2000-01-08T18:18:00-05:00

Redid this page; added "to do" list so you can see what I'm doing. :)
I finished Images, got rid of certain nested tables, and did some trivial styling.

January 5, 2000 (6:33pm EST) || 2000-01-08T18:33:00-05:00

New layout is finally up. Not all sections are done, so I've left the old files up to cover images, tables, and formatting. This is a PRELIMINARY version. Do NOT bookmark/link to any files directly, as they will disappear once I completely finish the files. I'll be updating slightly more frequently, but mostly stuff you won't notice (broken links, missing titles, typos). The final version will be up once all sections are revamped and I have the coding up to standard.

To Do List

Before Finalization

  • Finish Images
  • Add images to image examples
  • Describe LINK target
  • Add scope to attr tables
  • Replace nested tables with CSS
    • Borders
    • DIV/width,center
  • Replace inline CSS w/ classification
  • Replace CENTER
  • Fix illegal HTML
  • Reduce deprecated tags w/ CSS


  • Validate Code
  • Duplicate all files
  • Convert original to Unicode
  • Figure out which version of unicode it's been converted to
  • Add charset to Unicode files
  • Upload Unicode files
  • Revert all necessary CSS to deprecated HTML on duplicate
  • Upload ASCII files
  • Delete preliminary layout files

Before or after finalization

  • Overture for existing sections
    • Document Structure
    • Text
    • Links
    • Images
    • Content Structure
  • Update contact forms to HTML4.0
  • Indentation
  • Tabindex example
  • Content Structure
    • INS
    • DEL
  • Physical Formatting
    • I
    • B
    • BIG
    • SMALL
    • S
    • STRIKE
    • SUB
    • SUP
    • FONT
  • Logical Formatting
    • STRONG
    • SAMP
    • KBD
    • CODE
    • CITE
    • Q (link BLOCKQUOTE)
    • DFN
    • Basic Tables
      • TABLE
      • TR
      • TH
      • TD
      • CAPTION
    • Advanced Tables
      • THEAD
      • TFOOT
      • TBODY
      • COLGROUP
      • COL
    • Images
      • AREA
      • Using <A> with Image Maps