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<DIV></DIV> - Dividing and Grouping Content

This tag is used to divide and section block-level content (such as tables, paragraphs, and lists). Styles and alignment can be applied to the section using the align attribute and style sheets.

This tag must be closed at the end of the grouped content by typing </DIV>.

Attributes for <DIV>

  %coreattrs %il8n %events

D align= [CI]
  • "left"
Specifies left alignment.
  • "center"
Specifies centered content.
  • "right"
Specifies right alignment.
  • "justify"
Justifies content. If unsupported, it reverts to the default
This attribute controls content/text alignment. The default value is inherited; otherwise, it is left for left-to-right designated sections and right for right-to-left ones.


Section A

Discussion of topic "A"

Section B

Discussion of topic "B"

Subsection B.1

Discussion of topic "B.1"

Here is the code for the sample above:

<DIV align=center>
  <H3>Section A</H3>
  <P>Discussion of topic "A"</P>

<DIV align=right>
  <H3>Section B</H3>
  <P>Discussion of topic "B"</P>
    <H4>Subsection B.1</H4>
    <P>Discussion of topic "B.1"</P>

Notice that the <DIV> designating subsection B.1 does not have its align attribute set. It reverts to the default, which is inherited. Since it is a descendant (within) the <DIV> designating Section B, it inherits right alignment.