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<HR> - Section Breaks

This tag inserts a section break, usually rendered as a horizontal rule.

It is illegal HTML to close this tag. </HR> does not exist.

Attributes for <HR>

  %coreattrs %events

D align= [CI]
  • "left"
Specifies left alignment.
  • "center"
Specifies centered alignment.
  • "right"
Specifies right alignment.
This attribute controls the alignment of the horizontal rule. The default value is "center".

D noshade (noshade=noshade) [CI]
This boolean attribute causes graphical browsers to display a solid horizontal rule instead of a grooved one.

D size= [CN]
Specifies rule thickness in pixels.
This attribute controls the thickness of the rule. The default value is "2".

D width= [CN]
Specifies the length of the rule in pixels.
Specifies the length of the rule by percent of available space.
This attribute controls the length of the rule. The default value is 100%.

Here are horizontal rule samples:

width=40 align=right:

width="50%" align=left noshade:

width=400 size=10:

Here is the code for the sample above:

<p>width=40 align=right:</p><HR width=40 align=right>
<p>width="50%" align=left noshade:</p><HR width="50%" align=left noshade>
<p>width=400 size=10:</p><HR width=400 size=10>