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<BASE> - Path Information

This tag is used to set the base URL for the document. It must appear within the document head. When used with the href attribute, all relative URIs will be interpreted as relative to the URI defined in the <BASE> tag instead of the document's URI. If the target attribute is used, then all links without a target attribute will have the same target as the <BASE> tag.

It is illegal HTML to close this tag. </BASE> does not exist.

Attributes for <BASE>

Basic Structural Attributes

R href= [CS]
Defines base URI.
This attribute defines the base URI to use when determining the location of a relative URI. The href attribute is required.

  target= [CS]
  • "__"
    [target name]
Targets a frame or window with the given name. Target names must begin with a letter (A-Z,a-z).
  • "_blank"
Targets a new, unnamed window.
  • "_self"
Targets the same window/frame as the source anchor. This is the default value.
  • "_parent"
Targets the immediate frameset parent (one level up). Defaults to "_self" if already at the top.
  • "_top"
Targets the full window, cancelling all framesets.
This attribute changes the default value for target in the document's links.

Resolving Relative URIs:
If the <BASE> tag of a document has href="", then a link with href="../pictures/home.gif" would point to ("../" goes up one directory to "usr/", and then goes into directory "pictures/" from there.)

If the <BASE> tag of a document has target="main", then all links in that document will load into the window/frame named "main" unless they have their target set to something else. This is especially useful in frame toolbar.