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This is the main reason I decided to put up a home page. Currently, it's just text files. I'll convert them to html eventually...

Result of a class assignment which consisted basically of "write your creed in creative form". I decided to write a short story about a young knight-in-training... (It's more of a lecture about chivalry than a narrative. o.o)
Character Sketch
Just a set of character sketches I typed up to show C. Adia. (I had them scribbled on some looseleaf before.)
The Traveler's Deathwish (or Song of the Wanderer, if the title's too morbid for you =)
A short poem. Yes, it's about death, no, I don't think it's morbid, and no, I do not contemplate suicide--I'm actually an optimist. "_~
Starbuck visits the psychiatrist
A script I wrote for a presentation on "psychological criticism" of the world's most famous whale book. Starbuck was mentioned only a handful of times in the research materials, so this is mostly drawn from whole cloth. I had fun presenting it--almost convinced the rest of the class that I'd gone mad. >:)