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For Adia
Because I'm too uncreative to come up with a good title. (Hey, Beethoven got away with it, didn't he?) It was written for C. Adia in May 2003. I also tried changing the instruments, but IMO the electric piano sounds best. As with Ryuuen's gift, you may not take this without C. Adia's explicit permission.

Sing Sing Sing
Famous Jazz piece. This is a modified form of a MIDI I got off LeRoy's MIDI Collection--I added a vibraphone part. :) It's a bit loud in sections. Unfortunately, the program I use only lets you control the volume by fiddling with the individual velocity values, which takes more time than I'm willing to spend on it.
Meaningless title--it's a piano ditty I composed last year.
A short arrangement I did for Ryuuen. Do not take this without Ryuuen's explicit permission! It's not nice to steal gifts. (And it's not worth the trouble anyway, ok?)