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Why You Should Switch to Mozilla Firebird

The Mozilla Firebird team has focused on the big picture — improving real-world performance and increasing the value you get out of your time online. What are you doing online? How can we make that easier for you? Mozilla Firebird's features will change the way you browse, making it more intuitive, more convenient, and just plain faster. Designed with simplicity in mind, this browser works with you rather than against you, as invisibly as possible.


Open multiple pages in a single window and load links in the background — tabbed browsing changes the way you use the internet. Just hold down Ctrl when clicking a link (or use your middle mouse button if you have one) and you can concentrate on reading the current page while links you have opened load in other tabs. Then when you're ready to read them, you don't need to wait.

With one click, you can open an entire folder of bookmarks as a set of tabs, and you can set your homepage to a group of several pages.


A small blue icon in the status bar shows that popups have been prevented from opening

Mozilla Firebird's integrated popup blocker stops annoying popup windows dead in their tracks and its sophisticated Web Features controls can block other annoying web page tricks. Experience the web as it was supposed to be - peaceful, convenient, accessible.

Google Search and More

Mozilla Firebird has a built-in Search bar. Type in what you're looking for and hit Enter to search Google.
Or type text into the Location bar to go directly to Google's first result.

Simplified Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. You can instantly clear all stored information with a single click. Cookies, browsing history, saved form input—clear any or all of these from the Privacy panel of the Options box. Mozilla Firebird makes it easy to keep track of information stored while you've been surfing.


Type Ahead Find highlights the nearest link that matches what you're typing.

Along with a complete set of keyboard shortcuts, Mozilla Firebird also features sophisticated 'Type-Ahead Find' for links, making it easier for users with accessibility needs (such as those using screen readers — or even laptop users with inconvenient pointing devices) to select links. Just start typing the name of the link you want to select, and Firebird will shift focus to it.

Form Completion

On a search form, Firebird creates a drop-down menu of previously-entered text input.

Firebird helps you fill out web forms and remembers what you've searched for

Let Mozilla Firebird's auto form completion save you the trouble of filling in your street address, zip code, and frequently searched-for items. There's also a handy Password Manager that automatically fills out user-name/password fields on sites that require you to log in.


The toolbar customization dialog presents individual icons you can rearrange.

Set up your toolbars the way you want them. Mozilla Firebird's toolbars are fully customizable: choose View > Toolbars > Customize... and simply drag and drop in the items you want. Mozilla Firebird even lets you create new toolbars.

Simplified User Interface

We've created a browser that works in the simplest and most straight-forward way out of the box. Defaults have been carefully chosen so you don't need to spend time setting up the browser. Menus and dialog boxes are kept uncluttered by little-used options and panels are designed to make sense.

Of course, if you really do need a particular enhancement, Mozilla Firebird's features are easily extended

Extend your Browser

Add more features with easy-to-install extensions

With plug-ins and extensions you can make your browser even more powerful. Mozilla Firebird's extensions include ad blockers, games, and even advanced development tools such as a JavaScript Debugger and Document Inspector.

Better Bookmarks

Mozilla Firebird makes it easier to organize your Bookmark collection with its handy Bookmarks manager. Create folders to group similar items, and add annotations to remind yourself of why you bookmarked a particular item.

Fast, fast, fast!

Mozilla Firebird is more responsive in day-to-day browsing than competitors like Internet Explorer. Thanks to the powerful Mozilla Gecko layout engine, pages appear on screen sooner and with fewer annoying lock-ups.

More Space for Pages

By streamlining the user interface, Mozilla Firebird devotes more space to web pages than its competitors: 2% more space than Mozilla, 4% more than Internet Explorer, and a whopping 10% more than Opera. (Standard configurations tested, sidebars closed, window maximized at 1600x1200) Mozilla Firebird also offers a Full Screen mode (Press F11 to enter/exit) that leaves even more of the screen to the web page.

Industry-Leading Standards Support

Mozilla Firebird has world-leading support for W3C standards like HTML, CSS, DOM, and XML. Where browsers like Opera may fail on a complicated page, Mozilla Firebird usually succeeds.

Small and Quick

Less than 3 minutes to download over a broadband connection, Mozilla Firebird can be yours in no time at all. It starts up and runs much faster than Mozilla due to its significantly optimized code.

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File size approximately 6.5Mb for Microsoft Windows versions.