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Content area shortcut menus

Maintained by Matthew Thomas
Exhaustive sanity checking done by fantasai
CSS help and testcases supplied by Ian Hickson
Last modified: 2001-11-11



  1. To make Mozilla’s shortcut menus really really nice for content frames — that is, the viewport of a Navigator window, and in the message, thread, and folder panes of a mail/news window. (Shortcut menus for other areas, such as the Bookmarks window or the Address Book, do not need to be so consistent with each other and are covered in the specifications for the relevant windows.)
  2. To provide quick and consistent access to extremely common functions for each context, and (where applicable) mnemonic access to the function which would be carried out by clicking the primary mouse button on the item.
  3. After that, to provide access to contextual functions which are impractical to provide in a non-contextual fashion.
  4. To avoid, on pain of death, the use of submenus or menus longer than 13 items.
  5. To maximize consistency of position of menu items and access keys between contexts.
  6. To make users as productive as possible, by providing shortcut menus for Navigator and Messenger which are more consistent with each other than in any other combination of Web browser and e-mail program on the planet.

The menus