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Record 2
Name: Snitz
Website: The Outdated Cir-Kel Site
Referred by: By Accident :
From: Australia
Time: 1999-05-06 06:13:08
Comments: Hi Hi, it's me.. great site.. do you check your guest book?.. well, anyway I'm second.. never been so close to number one.. anyway I like your site.. it's like a html for dummies.. really cool.. what can I say.. hmmm.. I'm out of words.. oh well, C-ya around!!

Fyrna: Argh! Geez, Snitz, you half scared me to death! Didn't expect you here. Did I ever give away my account address?
Thanx. ^^ Didn't know any of this was understandable. I mean, I kinda figured I must've failed in explaining things. ~_~

Record 1
Name: KnightVII
Website: Realm of KnightVII
Referred by: I told you
From: (u really wanna know?)
Time: 1999-03-02 23:44:33
Comments: Fyrna-chan!! Konnichiwa! *YAY* I'm THE FIRST ONE 2 SIGN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA (okay..I'm done gloating now..heheh). How ru? I'm okay (though I must sound like I'm reeelly hyped right about now...heheh). Hmm..cute site. ^_^ (ack!! the ^_^ thingie has a mole!! [not that I have anything against moles..*ahem*....] ) Heheh, anywayz, I really think your site is coming along just fine (u really r very good 4 a beginner....then again, u DID read that HUGE HTML book....*sweatdrop*...). Ack! I'm babbling again!! I should shut up now....*ahem*. Awrighty, I'll cu later, kay? Sayonara!!

Fyrna: Hi!!!! Thanx for signing, KnightVII! Yup you're the first one. *grin* Cute? That's a new one. o_O