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How this website came to be

If you know me very well, you'd wonder why I'd make such a site. (I'm lazy.) I'll begin with how I learned HTML (or part of it, at least). This begins in April 98.

My mom works with computers, and she had started working on a project related to the Internet. She bought a book on HTML to help her. This book ended up by her bed alongside various other manuals. At this point, one of my friends had already made her own website. Another one wanted to make an adventure game for the computer, and I wondered if it could be done with HTML. I decided to read the book, not only to answer that question, but mainly because I was pretty bored and it seemed interesting.

After reading a couple chapters, I decided to type a letter to one of my friends in HTML, putting in links to various topics. One of them was what I was learning in HTML. This began with a short list of topics linked to a page describing a bunch of tags. After two topics, I decided it wasn't good for a letter, and undid the links (if that's what you call the process). I put the letter together in one folder, and put a copy of the list and the tag descriptions into another one. I decided that it might be a good idea to continue with the reference page, even though I wasn't sure whether I would put it on the Web. That's how I started working on this web site. I hope you weren't too bored with reading this. I know its not exactly the most interesting piece of writing you've ever seen. Thanks for visiting my web site!
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