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Attributes for Links

Attributes for <A>

%coreattrs %il8n %events


This attribute defines an access key for the link out of the document character set. When the browser recieves input of that key, the link will recieve focus.


This attribute specifies the character encoding type for the linked file.

This attribute gives the location of the linked file, and is required to make a hypertext link (but not to make an anchor).


This attribute gives the language of the linked document, and can only be used in conjuction with HREF.

This attribute names the content between <A> and </A<. Use of this attribute creates an anchor, which can be linked to. To link to an anchor, create a link with the HREF attribute with the URL of the page as its value. Then add [ # ] and then the name of the anchor you are linking to.


The script given by this attribute is triggered when the <A> element loses focus.


The script given by the ONFOCUS attribute is triggered when the <A> element gains focus.


This attribute defines forward link relationships. If you know what that means, please email me! I think I know how to use it, but I can't really figure out what it means... '_'

REV= This attribute defines reverse link types. Again, if you understand this, would you mind explaining to me? You can also use my form. Thanx!


This attribute controls the tabbing order between elements (the order in which they recieve focus). Elements with the lowest tabindex number recieve focus first. All those with no tabindex value or a value of zero follow in the order that they appear, but after those with tabindex values.


This attribute controls where the linked file will load. If TARGET is not defined, thhe default value is to load into the same frame, unless this default is overridden by HTTP headers or by the <BASE> element.

TYPE= This attribute gives the browser the content-type/mime-type of the linked file.

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Attributes for <BASE>


This attribute gives the base URL for the document. All relative URLs are considered relative to this URL.


This attribute controls where linked files will load if the TARGET attribute is not defined for the link.

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A list of registered MIME-types can be found at

Some common content-types:

text/plain - plain text (.txt)
text/html - HTML document (.htm, .html)
text/css - CSS, Cascading Style Sheet (.css)
image/gif - GIF image (.gif)
image/jpeg - A JPEG image (.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg)
audio/wav - A WAV file (.wav)
audio/midi - A MIDI file (.mid, .midi)
video/avi - An AVI file (.avi)
video/quicktime - A QuickTime movie (.mov)

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