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This section is on links. I don't really understand the LINK element. Therefore, I have linked to the HTML 4.0 Specification. If anyone has any better links, please tell me:

  • The Anchor Tag:<A>
  • <LINK>
  • <BASE>

  • The Anchor Tag: <A>

    This tag is used to create hypertext links (the ones you select to go someplace). It is also used to create anchors, hence the name. You must type the closing tag ( </A> ). It is illegal to nest <A> tags.

    An anchor is simply a place you can link to within an HTML document. If you used a link from the menu at the top of this page, you will notice that it does not take you to another page, but to a different section of the same page. Similarly, if you click on an "Attribute" link, you will be taken to a specific point on the attribute page, not the top. This is done using anchors.

    To create a link, you use the HREF attribute. To create an anchor, you use the NAME attribute. These, and the TARGET attribute (used mainly with frames), are in my opinion the most important of <A>'s attributes. Attributes

    No samples, cause this entire web site is a sample!
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    The <LINK> Tag

    This is one element which I do not understand at all. I'm sure if I ever figure out what it means, I'll realize it's a really cool thing, but for now, I'll just give you a link to HTML 4.0 Specification - The Link Element You can also find more information on the Anchor Element here.

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    The <BASE> Tag

    This tag is used to set the base URL for the document. It must appear in the HEAD of the document, and it is illegal to put in a closing tag.

    When used with the HREF attribute, all relative URLs will be interpreted as relative to the URL defined in the <BASE> tag (instead of relative to the URL of the page). If the TARGET attribute is used, then all links without a TARGET attribute will have the same target as the <BASE> tag. This is especially useful when using frames. Attributes

    Sorry, I couldn't figure out a way to give you a sample of this. I did use it for my QuikReference Panel, though.
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