Text Structure/Formatting Attributes
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Text Structure/Formatting Attributes

Attributes for Logical Formatting Elements

%coreattrs %il8n %events

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Attributes for Physical Formatting Elements

%coreattrs %il8n %events

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Attributes for <PRE>

%coreattrs %il8n %events

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Attributes for <FONT>


This attribute specifies the color of the text between the opening and closing FONT tags.


This attribute sets the font to be used. You can specify more than one by specifying a list of fonts. The browser will use the first one if it is installed, the second if it's not. If the second font is not installed, it will try the fourth and so on. An example would be FONT="arial narrow, arial, helvetica".


This attribute specifies a font size. It can take absolute values (integers 1-7), which will tell the exact font size, or it can take relative values (-6 - +6), which will specify a size relative to the original font size before the <FONT> tag.

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