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General HTML Tags

In this section, I will define several basic tags that should be included in every HTML document.
Note: Tags are not case-sensitive.

  • <HTML>
  • <HEAD>
  • <TITLE>
  • <META>
  • <BODY>

  • The Document Type Declaration

    This tag gives the version information for the document (what version of HTML you're using) and the location of the DTD for that version. The tag goes at the very beginning of the HTML document, before even the <HTML> tag, and has no closing tag. HTML 4.0 has three versions.

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    The <HTML> Tag

    This tag should be used at the beginning of every HTML document after the document-type declaration. attributes
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    The <HEAD> Tag

    This tag is used at the beginning of the HTML document just after the <HTML> tag. This tag defines the head of the HTML document. The title is generally contained within this element. Attributes
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    The <TITLE> Tag

    This tag is used to define the title of the page. It must appear within the head. Always close this tag by typing </TITLE>. The title is often displayed at the top of your web browser (in the title bar). When you bookmark a web page, the title becomes the bookmark. Make sure the title is relevent to your web page's contents. attributes
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    The <META> Tag

    This tag provides meta data about the document. It can be used to give the equivalent of HTTP headers, but it is most often used for search purposes, such as specifying search keywords and providing a description of the page.

    <META NAME="keywords"
         CONTENT="anime, manga, MKR, Magic Knight Rayearth, Rayearth, Magic Knight, CLAMP, Hikaru, Fuu, Umi, Cephiro">

    <META NAME="description" CONTENT="A nonexistant page about CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth manga">
    <META NAME="author" CONTENT="somebody">

    Since I'm not familiar with this tag (I know, I know, this is supposed to be a reference), I'll link to the HTML specification: HTML 4.0-The <META> Element
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    The <BODY> Tag

    This tag is used to indicate the body, or text, of an HTML document. Everything that will show up on the web page is part of this element. Attributes
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